You think flash is for long intros or simple arcade game clones.
You've seen all the 48 frames a sec flash designer fluff there is to see.
And nothing you ever find on the web will surprise you.

Yeah, well. You are dead wrong.
You have never played kharon4a.
Chances are you will give up after five minutes.
Chances are you won't even find the first switch in the first room.
Because this is the hardest flash game ever made.

Think we are kidding?

Do you want to know the story?

Someone messed up bad.
The world went to pieces.
It was dog eat dog and everyone for himself.
(You get the point?)

And then an unlikely hero came along.

The future can be saved.
The knowledge is inside The Four Rooms of Kharon.
It is not too late.
Can we trust you?

Play the game!

* * *

Kharon 4a is an online adventure game dealing with biotech issues. The makers of the game have worked closely with the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board during the creative process - to ensure the scientific validity of the game content. So, having played Kharon 4a, you will be left with not only an interesting and entertaining online experience, but you will also be familiar with the most imporant aspects of bio technology.

Press material

About the game (Norwegian text)

Get the Kharon 4a flash banner and facts dispenser

Play the Kharon 4A quicktime trailer


Producers of the game: ITU & Futurama
Manuscript: Widar Aspeli
Soundtrack: Geir Bremer Øvrebø
Flash, 3D & backend: Orgdot
Scientific consultants: The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board